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Dear Habitat Armenia friend,


It's my pleasure to share with you our successes for fiscal year 2013: we impacted the lives of 1413 families, four groups of international and one group of local volunteers joined us to support and partner with 5 Armenian families to improve their housing conditions. We are also proud of the launch of our housing support brochures that contain an array of construction advice for the most common housing deficiencies in the country. Additionally, as a member of Disaster Management Team (DMT) HFH Armenia is positioned in such a way that we can play a serious role in the local platform of Disaster Risk Reduction and Response moving forward. Lastly, we are proud of the partnerships that we have forged; for example the Residential Energy Efficiency (EE) for Low Income Households Project in partnership with USAID  and we look forward to making a dramatic impact in the energy market in years to come through our learning and coalition building.
The staff of HFH Armenia and I are very happy that more than 1400 Armenian families live in improved shelters this year and that their children are healthier and live more comfortably. There is still much to do and as leaders in the housing field we are devoted to our work so that each Armenian family can have a safe, affordable and decent place to call home.

To reach our goal, we ask your support and partnership, encourage you to make a donation to Habitat for Humanity Armenia.  We are truly hoping and praying that you will consider helping our program and will make your donation. With your help, we can give a child a warm place to sleep, provide a family with a kitchen to prepare meals, or help them obtain a proper bathroom.

Thank you in advance for your support and believe.

In Partnership,
Luiza Vardanyan
Executive Director at Habitat for Humanity Armenia



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